Business Building Basics Bootcamp
“Launch Your Business Forward”

This course is for small business owners who are you ready to….

  • Stop playing small
  • Get more organized
  • Be more productive
  • Make the best use of their time
  • Have more quality time outside of the business
  • Get their life back

profileWhen I started my business, it was like having a newborn baby; completely dependent on me. I was responsible for its existence, growth and well being and I had my own limiting beliefs that I HAD to do everything myself, including all the administrative tasks.

As my business started to grow and develop, I realized that just like with my children,  I had to step back and allow it to develop. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” it also takes a solid, foundational base of resources to grow a business. That was when I realized that only some of those tasks were my strengths allowing me to step out of my own way.

That was the origin of my team, as I started working with others who enjoyed the tasks I did not.  Let me introduce my current team: Andrea, Julie, Laura, and Lorraine. These talented people bring many skills including: organizational and administrative skills, website and graphic design, customer service and social media skills, etc. Some of us have talents that overlap, but we each have a unique specialty we bring to the team. We continue to grow and develop as I make new connections with others.

I am still in the process of refining my business to my life’s journey.   As I become more involved in this industry, I am excited about the possibilities of helping people create success.

I am continuously building a diverse network team to assist others to “Stick to what they do best, and hire us for the rest!”

This course is for you if you have faced any of these challenges with Your business?

  • Not enough hours in the day to get everything done.
  • You thought running your business and setting your own hours would be great, but now you work more hours than when you had a JOB.
  • All week, you put off administrative tasks, only to give up your weekend to get them finished
  • You want to hire help, but can’t afford it.
  • The technology exists to automate your business, but you do not know how to leverage those services properly.

This 6 week course will cover the Top 3 struggles in the following topics:

Email Management & Marketing Module
  • Selecting your email management software
  • Building  your mailing list
  • Effective marketing to your list


Record Keeping and Calendaring Module
  • The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Effective time blocking


Branding Your Business Module
  • Branding authentically
  • Consistency in Branding


Website and Social Media Module
  • Bringing your business online
  • The power of social media


Packages and Product Module
  • Creating Packaged Products
  • Your Signature talk


Organizing and Outsourcing
  •  Easy ways to keep the clutter away
  • What should you keep doing yourself

“When I first met Liz of Reid’s Virtual Solutions I was in a pinch. At that point Liz was just starting out as a V.A. and since I wanted someone local I decided to go with a less experienced V.A. That was more than a year ago, now!
Liz has been fabulous in that year’s time. She’s not only learned quickly, but for whatever I needed she gained the knowledge necessary to provide. I work less and less with Liz, myself, because I have an Administrative Manager in my business. Unlike an employee who, when having little or no contact with their “employer”, would be affected emotionally by the lack of personal contact, Liz is a true entrepreneur / subcontractor in my business who continues to provide the services we request of her very professionally.

Thanks, Liz. Here’s to your continued success in your business!”

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Success Coach
MLJ International

Yes, I am ready to sign up for the Business Building Bootcamp.

I know I will receive:

  • 6 Live, 90 minute Training calls with ample time for Q&A
  • 6 In-Depth Business Building Bootcamp Handouts
  • Access to recordings of all calls
  • Access to a members only resource page
  • Members only Online Forum
  • Bonus #1 – 45 minute Strategy Session
  • Bonus #2 – Recording of “Time Management Is It Really Possible”
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