When I first met Liz of Reid’s Virtual Solutions I was in a pinch. At that point Liz was just starting out as a V.A. and since I wanted someone local, I decided to go with a less experienced V.A. That was 3 years ago, now!

Liz has been fabulous in that time. She’s not only learned quickly, but for whatever I needed she gained the knowledge necessary to provide. I work less and less with Liz, myself, because I have an Administrative Manager in my business. Unlike an employee who, when having little or no contact with their “employer”, would be affected emotionally by the lack of personal contact, Liz is a true entrepreneur/subcontractor in my business who continues to provide the services we request of her very professionally.

Thanks, Liz. Here’s to your continued success in your business!

M. Lynne Jacob
Business Success Coach
MLJ Coaching International
Grand Barachois, NB


The success of the Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit would not have been possible without the assistance of Reid’s Virtual Solutions. I would have gone insane with all the little details. They were very knowledgeable about the process, courteous when interacting with everyone involved and were able to quickly resolve any issues that arose. Everything was very professional, including the content of the website, the content of everyone interviewed and the overall process. The Telesummit was a huge success, taking my list from 400 to 4000, building the foundation for my new 6-figure business! The result has improved my status as an expert among my peers. Everything Reid’s Virtual Solutions has done has helped make me look good.

Laura Cornell, PhD
Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor
Divine Feminine Yoga, LLC
Oakland, CA


Liz has been assisting me as a Virtual Assistant. She has been very detailed in the projects I have given her. Often she has gone beyond my expectations, which has been a big help to me. Liz participated in my 5-week program and then actually set up a program structure for me to use as a template in future events. It is exactly what I needed, and I am so grateful to Liz for stepping up to the plate and just doing it!

Liz finds a way to accomplish every task given to her. She has a very competent team whose expertise Liz can draw from to get the job done! I would recommend Liz as a Virtual Assistant to anyone who has decided ‘to do what they do best and leave the other details in very capable hands’.

What is a VA? By Lorraine Harvey
A Virtual Assistant is someone who is there for you when it just isn’t working! A while ago I struggled for about 3 hours trying to post an event through social media avenues, a piece of the puzzle that is important to my business, when I realized I don’t have to do this ~~ that is when I called Reid’s Virtual Solutions. A reliable VA will be your ticket to peace! Liz Reid IS that person for me! I have learned this ~~ why waste hours of my valuable time trying to learn something I don’t want to do, I have no intention of keeping it up myself when Liz and her team can have it done in a very short time, and done well!! What does that do for me? I am now freed up to do what I do best ~~ work on the part of my business that will have my business prosper into success!
So, what is a VA? A VA is someone who lets you sleep at night in peace! Have Liz be an important part of your team, how can you afford not to?

Lorraine Harvey
Lorraine Harvey Seminars
Brighton, Ontario


If I had to describe my first experience producing a global tele-seminar with Reid’s Virtual Solutions, I would tell you it was ‘delightful’! Liz and her team were very attentive to my needs, they provided both technical expertise and creative input and truly made this an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait to do another tele-seminar!
I can’t imagine not using the services of Reid’s Virtual Solutions. They were instrumental in sending out press releases, building our national database of bookstores for our genre and helping us communicate our message to a wider readership. I highly recommend their services to solopreneurs!

D. James
Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach
Raise Your Vibration
Ontario, Canada


Liz came to my rescue to help me to finish off my web page. She is patient and very conscientious, and I appreciate the help she has given me.

Jaye Yarrien
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Harmony in Health
Brighton, Ontario


“I have worked with Liz on several projects now and am very pleased with the results! Her turnaround time is speedy, and she has produced quality work on every task presented to her! I look forward to working with her in the future!”

Julie Snell
J & J Designs
Belleville, Ontario

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