How Many People Are You Trying To Be?

I am sorry that I have not been consistent in sending out monthly newsletters. For most of my life, I have struggled with follow through and completion. I am great at planning and goal setting, but I lack something in the ability to stick with it.

How many people are you?

We all wear different hats in our lives: parent, spouse, child, sibling, business owner, teacher, worker, volunteer, etc. But underneath all those titles, we are ONE individual.

Several years ago when using both a paper and digital agenda, I was asked that question by a friend. When I replied “One” she asked “Then why do you have 2 agendas?” Reflection: That simple question caused me to promptly make the decision to get rid of my paper agenda and now I only use an electronic agenda that syncs to all of my devices.

How did I get to this point?

My life can probably be best described as the “Lazy River” water park ride, casually floating along without a care in the world. Although this may sound awesome, it has limitations. Although on the surface relatively stress free, not really productive. This type of ride is typically a circular loop (they may be some twists and turns along the route) ending where it began. For life, this translates into not getting anywhere. I often set goals or intentions of the circuitous loop and then find myself back on the ride, again not completing the goals. I want to share with you some recent realizations from this analogy.

Reality check: I thought I was open minded and living my life stress free, not caring what others thought. Reflection: Oh boy was I wrong! Examples below!

I would tell myself “I do not care what others think of me, they can take me or leave me. If they don’t like what i am wearing, they don’t have to look at me, etc.” Reality check: The other day, as I am deciding what to wear, my first thought is ‘what do I feel like wearing today’, followed by ‘WAIT, there is a video meeting today, make sure it’s appropriate’. Red flag! Reflection: If I truly do not care what others think, I would decide what to wear purely by how I feel that day. Reality: I do care what others think. I am out of alignment.

Reality check: As I explore this a little deeper, I realize that I do not publicly voice my opinion, because that might upset those who disagree. Reflection: So what! If it upsets them and they rock my boat and cause me to capsize , I know how to swim, I can right my boat and I can get back in. And, that water park ride water is only 3 feet deep, all I need to do is stand up and jump back on my raft. Reality: I really do care what others think. Who am i? I am out of alignment.

How you do one thing is how you do everything! Do I agree or disagree?

At first, I thought the statement was untrue. I presented myself one way as a business professional (reserved, protected, proper, private, etc.) and differently around family (relaxed, casual, the real me) and hybrid of the two around friends or casual acquaintances. Can you relate?

Reality Check: My house is full and disorganized, but I can keep my office clean and organized. Reflection: Clutter from other parts of the house keep finding their way into the office. The desk starts off empty, but by the end of the week there is usually a pile of ‘in progress’ paperwork. Reality: Even though I wanted my office to be different, it was not sustainable for me.

I am slowly beginning to understand the truth behind that statement. There is one true me, so how I do one thing is how I do everything. I need to bring myself into alignment.

I was one person trying to live multiple lives. No wonder I am confused!

Reality check: In trying to keep my content perfect and unoffensive to everyone, I am providing service to no-one. Reflection: I feel like a politician, telling the audience what I think they want to hear. Truth: I was insecure and had a need for people to like me even if I was not ready to admit this fact to myself.

Who am I?
I am a teacher!

I have gathered great many bits of wisdom over the years. They are like puzzle pieces, sometimes they fit in the big picture right away, others are center pieces that do not connect yet, some belong to puzzles being completed by others.

Personal Note from Liz
Walk the Talk!

Reality Check: I have heard this phrase many times, but what does it really mean. Reflection: The walk is mine to make and the talk is a reflection of me. If you agree with my point of view, that is great, if you disagree, that is great too, the world needs us all to be unique! Everything I say comes from my heart and is not intended to hurt anyone in any way.

IMG_7584My parents were avid photographers, capturing many memorable moments in thousands of pictures. Along the way to becoming an adult, I stopped liking myself in photos. I can only think of one photo from my teenage years where I truly liked the image. A couple of years ago, I had a professional photo shoot for my business. Below is one of those photos that I have never used, because I did not like the glowing light behind me. At the time, I could not describe why I didn’t like it, but I would NOT use it publicly. Reflection: I was afraid to let my light shine for the world to see. Here I am stepping out with my light shining brightly!

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